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High Buys: The buzziest cannabis products right now

Here's our roundup of the best cannabis products on the market in Canada this month, including an Indigenous strain from Nova Scotia.

Whole buds of sativa, indica or hybrid cannabis flower by Pure Sunfarms

These single-strain offerings of high-quality weed from B.C.-based grower Pure Sunfarms (pictured above) come in one-ounce quantities and are among the best sellers in the Canadian market. They’re also great for baking. It’s the classic gift for the pot aficionado on your holiday list. The company recently announced its debut on the international market with Pure Sunfarms-branded CBD gummies to be sold in luxury department stores in Hong Kong.

Apothecanna extra strength body oil by DelShen Therapeutics, 48North

This penetrating body oil made from plant extracts (including avocado oil and oil from the Moroccan argania spinosa) is great for relaxing or relieving soreness. It’s recommended for use alone or in combination with Apothecanna Body Cream during massage. Note: avoid use on broken skin and “sensitive areas.” You get the drift? Retails for $69.80 at ocs.ca.

White Wedding by Msiku—Atlanticann Medical Inc.

This Nova Scotia-grown purple and green strain gets its name from its frosty layer of trichomes, not the Billy Idol song. It’s a heavy hitter with 23 to 27 percent THC. Available at Toke Cannabis. Flavours: earthy with coffee undertones.

Mood Ring CBD oil, capsules, and hashish by Neptune Wellness Solutions Inc.

Neptune announced its new Mood Ring line of High CBD Oil, High CBD Capsules, Classic Hashish, and Legacy Hashish earlier this month, is promising higher dose products than are on the market right now. They’ll be hitting shelves in Ontario and B.C. next month. For now, you can check out the supply at MoodRing.com.

White Widow by 7ACRES

This award-winning indica-sativa hybrid by Kincardine, Ontario-based producer 7ACRES fits the bill for cannabis enthusiasts looking to add a higher-end flower to their costumed fun. Available at local retailers and the Ontario Cannabis Store. Flavours: earthy, woody, sweet.

Source: www.straight.com