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CBD Oil Brands- Who's Who, What's What in the CBD Product Industry

We’re in an interesting time with regard to the actual market for CBD oil products. Any place in the world in which CBD products are readily available has had an open market for fewer than 10 years – plenty of time to establish standards for consumer products, but not nearly enough time for the inevitable market consolidation that has taken place among big corporations since the 1980s.

The result in the short term is that in areas with ultra-liberal laws on CBD- and THC-based product, likesay California or the UK, dozens of companies of various sizes may have hundreds of items on the shelf at a local chain pharmacy outlet. Enjoy the freedom of choice while we’ve got it…

In the 2020s, we can expect changes across the CBD oil product landscape, particularly in the United States. Some states such as New Mexico have already enacted laws stating that CBD and cannabis products must be locally produced, and others with strong hemp farming and liberal laws such as California and Colorado are considering similar action.

One generalization that we can make about many US, Canadian and European Union CBD product manufacturers is that they tend to see hemp farming as part of the solution to the climate crisis, given the cannabis sativa plant’s potential for use in hundreds of household products before we even consider the medicinal value.

We can figure that in the US (as well as Canada, who through trade deals in essentially enslaved to American financial interests’ whims), the appropriate legislation and/or neoliberal capitalist tactics à la Starbucks and/or Amazon will reduce the market to a handful of national distributors. Until then, however, Americans can enjoy the way that market forces are supposed to work, i.e. quality products at affordable prices will be the most popular.

For now, some of the bigger and more widely-distributed brand names in the US include:

•  Endoca specializes in skin-care products, CBD oil chewing gums and tinctures, but the real value-added in this company is in the Endica Institute of Cannabis, Natural Medicine and Sustainability, a sort of educational hub/awareness raiser for cannabis and related products.

•  Receptra Naturals is the largest Colorado-based canna product maker and all products are derived from hemp grown in Colorado. The Receptra line mostly features topical creams and oils, as well as medicaments for pets.

•  In term of PR, Green Roads employs an interesting, seemingly antithetical strategy, namely of complete transparency. Similarly to Endoca’s informatics, Green Rods offers details on where its raw materials are from and the process through which their products – mostly edibles – are created.

•  Bluebird Botanicals got its name on the weed map in 2016 by earning the “Leading CBD Oil Company in the US” prize at the Cannabist Awards. The Bluebird catalogue consists mostly of hemp extracts, vape oil and CBD isolate and even offers discounts to disabled and/or low-income customers.

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