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Living on either side of the US/Canada means that comparison between the two countries is almost requisite: After all, the two countries share the world’s largest trade partnership and the longest international border. And as in so many areas, the simplicity and libertarianism of CBD laws in Canada blows away those of her southerly neighbor. To put it plainly, essentially all forms of hemp, cannabis, THC and CBD oil products are freely available and legal everywhere in Canada as of October 2018. Nice.

Not only did the Canadian federal government give consumers carte blanche to buy Cannabidiol (CBD) products and other substances derived from the cannabis sativa plant, the regulatory framework was completely in place by the time the Cannabis Act of 2018 had gone in effect. Today, the Canadian government has an authority in place to regulate and study such product.

Health Canada oversees essentially the entire CBD market in the country under auspices of the Cannabis Act. Health Canada is tasked with controlling the possession, production, distribution and sale of cannabis and cannabis-derived products on the national level, but the Act still calls for individual provincial and territorial governments to set specific regulations on sale and distribution within their own region; these regulations include guidelines on product sales and distribution locations.

Even before full regulation, Canada’s federal government encouraged farmers in a handful of provinces to grow hemp and/or cannabis and Health Canada still does so. Information on local regulations and the licensure required for cultivation, production, sale and import/export are freely available from the government.

Areas falling under the strictest new regulatory guidelines of the Cannabis Act are THC/CBD food products (a.k.a. “edibles”) and CBD for pets. The Act specifically calls for such over-the-counter products to reduce appeal to the underaged, reduce risk of accidental dosage and typical prevention of foodborne illnesses required of food distributors.

Perhaps more than any single country or region, Canada in the 2020s should prove to be a serious growth market – so keep a bookmark here at CBDnewsAggregator.com for the latest news on CBD oil products in Canada.