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CBD-infused food and beverages – A huge product line serves up hemp-derived CBD oil

Talk about your appealing products: CBD food (a.k.a. edibles) and drink products wrap the medicinal power of a natural palliative without distracting psychoactive effects in a tasty, fruity, often chocolatey exterior. And with no need to pop pills, measure doses or light up, edibles could well ultimately become the prevalent form of CBD oil product.

Nearly every manufacturer of any CBD oil products will also include gummy candies among their retinue – and why not? Composed of CBD oil, gelatin, plus some natural flavor based on citric acid and/or sugar, CBD gummies are easily produced. Heck, the enterprising purchaser can find recipes for simple CBD oil-based gelatins online to try it for him-/herself.

When one thinks of cannabis edibles, one naturally tends to envision chocolate bars as a dominant mode of packaging. Indeed, CBD oil chocolate bars and candies are well available, but appear to be less popular among those seeking CBD rather than THC. This is probably due to the fact that THC products tend to pack a much stronger taste. Since forever, hash, marijuana and derivatives have been served up in chocolate simply to mask that earthy flavor.

But while CBD oil isn’t altogether tasteless, marijuana is far, *far* stronger; thus is less additional flavor required in CBD food product. Further proof comes in the also increasingly popular beverage products in which the CBD oil is essentially undetectable.

CBD food products: Too good to be true?

In fact, CBD food products  – particularly gummies and candies – may be too good to be true or at least too good to stay legal. After happily allowing marijuana dispensaries to open up shop and sell CBD-based products alongside their THC-based wares, states such as California and Washington are seeing an uptick in consumer concern about edible products and particularly candies.

While current law calls for edibles to be dispensed in childproof packaging, legislators have occasionally expressed a desire to scale back or eliminate altogether the legality of edible marijuana and CBD oil products. With farmers and the very U.S. Department of Agriculture backed the contained sale and distribution of CBD oil products, any rollback of extant law on CBD products seems unlikely but legislative battles could be in store for the West Coast states and others throughout the 20s.

In the meantime, however, it’s business as usual for hemp and CBD oil producers. Product manufacturers looking to stay ahead of the curve are constantly looking for new forms of edible that are more appealing to adults and vegans – perhaps someday we’ll see the CBD oil Beyond Burger…