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CBD oil for ADHD treatment - Latest News and Breaking stories

Studies on using CBD for ADHD may be about as uncommon as those describing the potential benefits of CBD on other ailments – but parents in the US are taking pharmaceutical matters into their own hands, and the popularity of CBD oil products is probably the highest among this group.

It’s easy to see why: From early on in America’s hemp revolution of the 21st century, cannabis sativa was often promoted to help in treating ADHD. Back then, however, the go-to product from the cannabis sativa plant was smokable or edible marijuana, whose psychoactive effects often proved … unpredictable for kids with ADHD. CBD offers a non-psychoactive alternative.

So how does CBD help ADHD. As most folks know, cannabidiol (CBD) is one of many cannabinoids within the cannabis sativa plant. This biological compound has been shown to work in pain relief and anxiety; this latter condition is typically a symptom among ADHD sufferers.

Again, study of CBD oil for PTSD is a bit rare and is relegated to the likes of the National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). Groups such as NORML tend to ascribe some efficacy to CBD in such treatments. One paper on the subject produced at Duke University theorized that CBD might be effective in about 50% of cases of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Other studies include a 2011 University of São Paulo study showing CBD’s efficacy in treating PTSD, ADD and ADHD. In 2017, the study “Cannabinoids in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: A randomised-controlled trial” undertaken at Kings College in London, UK, concluded that “this study provides preliminary evidence supporting the self-medication theory of cannabis use in ADHD and the need for further studies of the endocannabinoid system in ADHD.” Finally, the annual European Cannabinoid Conference begun in 2008 has advanced the cause of CBD for use in helping with ADHD among other issues – but mostly in European markets.

So with the US getting bested by the international community on CBD oil research plus a swelling market in America for CBD in treating ADHD, we can only expect lots more news to break regularly throughout the 2010s. Keep it here at CBDnewsAggregator.com to catch all the latest on the topic.