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Anxiety issues were among the very first problems to be addressed with medical marijuana prescriptions, and the emergence of CBD and CBD oil products in the USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Europe and Asia makes an even greater boon for such patients.

Once again, the exact chemical interactions between CBD and the human brain are not truly understood. Current theory is that the CBD triggers the release of serotonin. Those who suffer from frequent depression or anxiety are certainly well aware that this neurotransmitter is often the culprit. CBD helps raise these levels, thus alleviating that anxiety.

To put it slightly more colloquially, CBD oil products give users the chill but not the high of the cannabis sativa plant’s cannabinoids – and it’s far more natural and less crippling to traditional pharmaceuticals such as fluoxetine, a.k.a. Prozac, and sertraline, a.k.a. Zoloft.

Officials in the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) testified before the US Congress in 2015 on the potential therapeutic effects of CBD on reducing stress. At that time, little more in terms of significant studies other than tests on animals had been done previously, but studies have been seeing release at ever-increasing rates.

As a result, greater numbers of those suffering from various forms of anxiety are trying CBD as a cure. In areas such as social anxiety disorder, PTSD and anxiety-induced insomnia, CBD oil products are increasingly showing their efficacy. As far back as 2010, a study undertaken at Brazil’s University of Sao Paolo tested the effects of CBD on social anxiety disorder and showed overall reduced anxiety levels in subjects.

Another interesting study of CBD for anxiety, also done at the University of Sao Paolo, demonstrated the importance of correct dosage. The authors of the paper entitled “Cannabidiol presents an inverted U-shaped dose-response curve in a simulated public speaking test” found next to negligible effects on anxiety in those subjects taking 150 mg or 600 mg of CBD – or the placebo. Meanwhile, those subjects who took 300 mg saw a huge uptick in anxiety control.

New studies on and CBD oil products for anxiety treatment are released all the time. Check back on this page of CBDnewsAggregator.com regularly to keep up to date.