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Since long before even medicinal marijuana was common in the USA, various byproducts of the hemp and cannabis sativa plants have been used in order to alleviate some of the symptoms of autism. Happily for its American adherents – and we guess many are out there, if based only on the quantity of internet traffic and related news stories on the subject – CBD oil is finally gaining greater mainstream acceptance.

The US medical community currently lags behind Europe and South America (and very likely Asia) in terms of solid scientific research on CBD for autism symptoms. That’s bad news for the US: Between 1996 and 2007 alone, the recorded rate of autism grew nearly 500%; as of 2014, the Center for Disease Control (2014) put the US rate of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) at 1 in 59 children, some 10 times higher than the worldwide average per UN estimates. While we must note that some of these high numbers may simply be due to more efficient measures for detection of the symptoms, it’s clear that autism is an incredibly critical problem in the US.

Autism may be caused or exacerbated for a dozen reasons, including genetic factors, ingestion of heavy metals, certain viral infections and a major allergic reaction to certain medicines. Clearly, CBD oil cannot assist with many of these factors, but one interesting pathway to curing autism is available for cure by CBD.

Certain metabolic imbalances caused by gut microbiomes. Odd as it sounds to someone not in-the-know about autism, fecal transplants have been demonstrated to dramatically ease autism symptoms – and treatment with CBD oil would certainly be less expensive and less invasive than such a procedure. The scientific journal Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research published a data review in 2017

According to a review of data published in Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research as well as a study published in Nature Reviews Endocrinology, CBD has been associated with improved blood vessel lining (a.k.a. endothelial integrity) and therefore may assist in leveling out gut microbiota. The research indicates that the endocannabinoid system and related lipids interact with tissues to assist in treating inflammation, type-2 diabetes and obesity for similar reasons.

CBD is well known for its treatment in inflammation in various parts of the body; in the case of autism and the related microbiomes, the crucial endocannabinoid is anandamide, though CBD’s role in releasing more serotonin is also useful for treating autism symptoms.

A University of California San Diego clinical trial undertaken in 2018-19 tested autism patients with CBD oil treatment and concluded that CBD “effectively effectively and safely alleviates some of the more problematic symptoms of ASD, such as aggressive behaviors, self-injurious behaviors, hyperactivity, and social/communicative deficits.” Decreases were seen in restlessness, rage, agitation, anxiety, seizures, nervous tics, and depression. Some 20% of those studies had sleep problems disappear entirely.

We’ve still got lots to learn about autism and CBD treatment of the disease and new news on the subject appears continuously. Return to CBDnewsAggregator.com often to stay up to date.