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CBD Oil for Healthy Skin - Breaking News for Skin Treatment

The popularity of CBD oil skin products was obvious as soon as governments around the world began decriminalizing the cannabinoid. Already CBD oil skin care products are a huge presence on cosmetics counters around the world – particularly in Asia's markets such as Korea and Japan – and specific products for acne and wrinkle creams are getting trendier by the minute…

A quick rundown of the basics: CBD oil in skin care has no psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) from the cannabis sativa plant. Note, too, that CBD oil is not identical to hempseed oil, though this too is a favorite among natural cosmetics producers; instead, CBD oil is noted for its active part in interacting with the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Science now tells us that acne is yet another inflammatory condition from which people may suffer. As CBD oil medicaments are primarily known for their effectiveness in treating inflammation. When applied directly, CBD makes for a effective medicine for acne-prone skin. And the Mysterious CBD Effects Department notes that CBD has been shown to decrease the production of sebum, one of the products in the oil excreted from acne. Dermatologists and others have yet to figure out exactly how this is done.

CBD oil products for skin care are also touted for their antioxidant properties, as the CBD counteracts free-radical damage and, again, reduces inflammation, which may come out in forms ranging from blotchiness to puffiness.

As with any over-the-counter product containing cannabinoids, the purchaser of CBD oil should be aware of what goes into said product. More than any other CBD product, scamming does happen – false claims regarding levels and/or purity of CBD content aren’t exactly rife on the burgeoning CBD oil products market but are on the market. If buying CBD oil for skin care, buy from trusted outlets and get as much information on the active ingredient, i.e cannabidiol, as possible.  

Those brands of healthy skin products which list the total cannabidiol content, for example, are likely legitimate. In addition, check to see if the item is self-described as “CBD isolate”, meaning pure CBD; “full spectrum”, which applies to a product containing CBD, but also trace amounts of THC and CBG (cannabigerol); or “broad spectrum”, in which the CBD oil may contain trace amounts of TCH no greater than 0.3% by U.S. law. Other countries have similar conditions for products labeled as containing CBD.

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