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Naturally with the rise in popularity of a non-toxic all-organic simply-understood near-panacea like Cannabidiol (CBD), ever greater number of dog- and cat-owners are curious about the efficacy of CBD oil products in treating their pets’ ailments. The official medical word on CBD products in treating cats is still out, but dozens of over-the-counter products for dogs are available in North America and European Union countries, and the pet care market is yet another in which CBD products may yet dominate.

The domestic canine is one of few non-primate species whose endocannabinoid system (ECS) is relatively similar to humans, though all animals have some form of ECS. Indeed, testing on THC and CBD products has been done for decades on laboratory rodents. These pre-clinical studies have shown CBD oil to be useful in treating disorders of the cardiovascular system, respiratory system and the metabolic system, as well as in cancer and pain treatment.

Few proper studies exist on the use of CBD as a medical treatment for dogs, but millions of dog-owners have been using CBD products most popularly as an analgesic, an appetite stimulant, an anxiety suppressor and as an anti-seizure drug. Products for these purposes are available to varying degrees in the U.S., depending on in which state one is a resident of.

Traditional veterinarians have not yet embraced CBD as a treatment for dogs or for cats, and the latter in particular remains the domain of holistic medicine practitioners in the US. Word of mouth among cat-owners appears to be pretty affirmative, with inflammation issues and anxiety the most common ailments cat-owners tend to treat with CBD oil products.

The key to medicating a pet with any medicine – never mind mere CBD – is applying the correct dosage, so please consult with a qualified veterinarian before trying any CBD product on your cat or dog, even after the 2020 release of FDA guidelines on CBD oil for pets. Drowsiness and lowered blood pressure are common side effects of over-dosage, and a toxic-level dose is possible.

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