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For decades prior to the wave of decriminalization and legalization of marijuana and cannabis products, advocates for hemp consistently touted its thousands of everyday household and palliative uses. Today’s cannabidiol (CBD) oil product market alone is ample evidence that the hempsters were right all along, with hundreds of varieties on dozens of forms of CBD oil widely available.

All CBD oil products are about one thing: effectively delivering the active ingredient to all those willing receptors in the body – and certain items may deploy one of those other thousands of added bonuses.

As CBD News Aggregator sees it, such products may be divided into six categories:

Oils & tinctures – These are the most popular form of CBD oil products. Oils are either pure CBD oil or CBD oil infused into some other neutral base oil; tinctures are essentially an alcohol solution. The liquid forms are naturally the fastest acting among all such product; indeed, the primary advantage of tinctures is their extremely quick assimilation bodily. Of course, the downside is that, well, it is alcohol-based, and even a little is too much for some.

Capsules & pills – Pill forms of CBD oil generally provide more potent individual doses as well as greater consistency in dosage size. Unlike the liquid forms, with capsules or pills, one is always aware of how many doses remain and is assured of uniform doses. Obviously, these products must go through primary digestion before the effects set in, but a gelatin capsule of pure CBD oil can be nearly as speedy as a plain oil.

Edibles – A rapidly growing niche business within the recreational marijuana industry (Who smokes any more, really?) is fixing to become a top method of CBD oil consumption. And right alongside the gummy candy and chocolate bars are beverages. The good news/bad news here is that these products are just getting tastier and tastier. Why is that bad news? Let’s just say that restraint and portion control may be required; not so easy when enjoying sweets infused with nature’s greatest palliative.

Topicals (balms, creams & lotions) – CBD oil balms/creams have the primary advantage of topical application, and are particularly touted for rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, inflammatory conditions and skin problems. Shoppers looking for products in this area such know which form is best for their condition, but arthritis specialists are more likely than ever to recommend and prescribe CBD oil products.

Other – To this point, the only major CBD product classifiable as “other” are vaping items, though vaping seems like a pretty hard sell to medical patients: After all, what other medicament is taken by smoking? We’re leaving this category as open right now, because who knows what sort of applications might be found for this incredibly flexible substance – inhalers, maybe? A nicotine-like patch…?

Beyond the forms and effectiveness of CBD oil products, the other major questions the would-be purchaser has are all about price, naturally. Unfortunately, a neat summation of expected price ranges for each of these products is absolutely impossible in a wildly changing marketplace. The numbers are impossible to gauge, so you’ll have to comparison-shop at your local outlet; in general, you should expect to get high potency for high price.

For posterity’s sake, we’ll record some price ranges to illustrate. As of August 2019, 1 oz. (30 ml) of CBD oil – again, depending on potency – can be had for $30 to $225. A bottle of 10 capsules can typically cost about $25 to $75.

So then, in short, the conscientious shopper of CBD oil products must know the basic information. Happily, no big corporations have gotten a foothold in the CBD industry and so at least buyers need not pay for a brand name or logo as part of the price. In addition, all-natural, all-organic choices are readily available – even making up the majority of all products. A little research – or a few simple questions asked – will lead to customer satisfaction.